Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Review in Vogue

"Hope, the melancholy protagonist of Anna Winger's This Must Be The
Place, follows her estranged husband to Berlin shortly after 9/11. Finding herself marooned in their palatial apartment...she struggles to gain a toehold in the unfamiliar, rapidly transforming city. Then she befriends her neighbor, a once-famous soap actor who has made a second career in dubbing as the German voice of Tom Cruise but is still searching for his own role in life. Crossing paths in the building's elevator (a hilarious scene in which REO Speedwagon figures prominently), they join forces to plumb the building's secret history--and their own covert pasts. With a wryly engaging voice, Winger deftly reveals the rough-edged layers that make up places--and people."

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